SpiroKit for React Native 1.0.3 released

SpiroKit for React Native 1.0.3 released

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Mauro Garcia
·Jan 16, 2023·

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I just uploaded a new version of the SpiroKit package that includes two new components, plus tons of bugs fixed and improvements:

New components

action sheet component

  • ActionSheet component:

    • We added a new component called ActionSheet, inherited from NativeBase’s ActionSheet.
    • Storybook docs are in the making.
  • KeyboardAvoidingView component

    • We added a new component called KeyboardAvoidingView, which prevents the keyboard from covering up input elements when displayed on the screen.
    • Storybook docs are in the making.

Bug Fixing and improvements

  • Button component:
    • Added a new size: “xs”.
      • Now you can customize the button's background color, overriding the color defined by the accentColor prop. Use the new props backgroundColor and _pressed to customize the background color when the button is pressed.
      • Storybook docs were also updated with an example of this new size and new props.
  • Input component:
    • Added all the missing props inherited from React Native’s input like maxLength, keyboardType, allowFontScaling, and many more!
  • VerticalCard component:
    • Now you can set a fixed height for the card, and the content and the image will automatically adapt.
    • Storybook docs were updated to include a new example of a card with a fixed height.
  • Added missing border-radius token’s documentation to Storybook

If you have any questions about it, don't hesitate to reach out at or send my a DM on Twitter

Happy coding

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