Launching SpiroKit for React Native

Launching SpiroKit for React Native

Today is the day! SpiroKit for React Native is finally available! hashnode-post-banner.png

SpiroKit is a design system for mobile applications. It includes a collection of carefully crafted components and design principles to quickly transform an idea into a product.

You can quickly prototype using SpiroKit for Figma, and once your idea is validated, use SpiroKit for React Native to go from prototype to working demo in no-time.


customization example.png

SpiroKit comes with a custom provider that allows you to set a global theme. It includes 17 different color palettes, and you can add your own if you want. You can also choose between light and dark modes and even use custom fonts.


atomic-design.png SpiroKit applies the atomic design philosophy, meaning that you can create your own components by mixing and matching the existing ones. There are unlimited layout options by combining powerful primitives inherited from Native Base (Box, VStack, HStack, Center, etc.)

Great developer experience

docs.png You get typing annotations, kickass documentation with everything you need, and tons of working examples to copy & paste. Also, we are currently working on a VSCode extension for code snippets so you can quickly scaffold any component.

Show me the code

Here's an example of a card component. We rely on composition, so you have access to customize every detail.

    <TitleThree>Resting place of Australia's last convict ship</TitleThree>
  DescriptionComponent={<Subhead>Wellington, New Zealand (CNN)</Subhead>}
  DateComponent={<Footnote>15th June 2021</Footnote>}
      source={{ uri: "" }}
      alt="Image of a ship"

Result horizontal-card.png

Pay once; use it forever.

All our licenses include unlimited use. So you pay once and can use SpiroKit to build as many apps as you want. No limits.

We also support Parity Purchasing Power. Check our website to see if you are eligible for a discount.


App templates & more components

There are tons of new components coming soon, and we are also working on app templates, so you don't need to start your next app from a blank canvas.

Feature requests, feedback & public roadmap

To keep evolving SpiroKit with our community, we are working on a platform to centralize:

  • Public roadmap
  • Feature requests
  • Feedback

More about this soon!